Social Dating is a location-based social app which allows you to search people who match your list of interests. This app finds your best matches and helps you socialize and meet new people and friends.It provides an innovative and a easy way to get in touch with new people providing a localization via GPS, 3G or Wifi to identify your current location relative to other people who wants to get in touch with you.Users are able to reach the most appropriate user profiles, thanks to Social Dating intelligent user suggestion system.



  • JSON content type structure
  • Google Cloud Messaging
  • Google Maps V2
  • SQLite local database using GreenDAO ORM
  • presentation layer: XML
  • Android 2.2 +


  • CREATE ACCOUNT – the user has the possibility to create an account and make his interests list.
  • MAPS – the user location is displayed on the map and also the position of other users.
  • PRIVACY SETTINGS – the user can or not to share his details and also to be or not visible for the other users.
  • SELECT MOOD – according with his feelings and condition the user can select his mood which will be displayed on the map.
  • DYNAMIC PROFILE – the matching criteria of user can be changed and the search will be made according with this new interests list.
  • LIVE CHAT – the user sends and receives messages. The chat room can be set public or private.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATION – on every action (new message, new invitation to chat) the user is notified in real time.


Type: Android mobile development
Technology: Android 2.2+, SQLite, GreenDAO ORM, Google Cloud Messaging, Google Maps, JSON, XML