Our Client
Has more than 15 years’ experience in IT strategy, Cloud and SOA Solutions, Enterprise Architecture and advanced system integration, primarily in the Financial Services and Healthcare verticals, constantly seeking to launch start-ups and put in practice new online businesses. Our client is the founder of loT.do – Internet of Things – and had previously worked with Roweb on other projects and chose our company to expand their online business venture.


Client’s Need
The client approached us with a business idea that was based on a management platform for an loT iBbeacon location based Social Media Network startup. Open House is a proximity aware platform which the client needed to be mobile device driven and cloud computing based.

Identifying, planning and executing an Open House event takes time and effort. Marketing is essential for a successful “Open House” project and at that time our client lacked a unified platform to combine all these elements.

Our Approach
The client approached several software outsourcing providers and we were selected after presenting a price quotation according to the client’s requirements.

We offered consultancy in choosing the most efficient technical solution to be used, in determining the infrastructure and performance optimization needs, while accommodating specific requests such as fast loading page responses.

This management platform was developed to allow integration with 3rd party developers via Web APIs on one hand, and on the other hand it offers #openhouse Hashtag, iBeacon Location awareness, attendance tracking, Check-in and other functionalities

At first the client presented several drafted guidelines as product specifications, and during the development process the specs were modified according to the technical development proposed by Roweb and accepted by the client.

We used high end technologies, adapting them to meet the client’s requirements: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, .NET MVC, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Android SDK (Java) and an Agile (Scrum) development methodology with twice a month releases.

We focused on Social Media integration and usability on mobile devices by implementing a responsive design.

We customized the platform with 3rd party plugins, adapting them to meet our client’s needs.

We integrated solutions for leveraging all Social Media platforms for open house event managers and attendees, combined with responsive instruments for end users:

  • Registration: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter account preferred.
  • Professional credentials: Real Estate Agent, Academic (College, University, Academy) Administrator, Art Gallery Curator, Recruiter, etc.
  • Event creation on Facebook and Google+ Calendar
  • Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram sharing options
  • Media Upload and creation of Social Network Open House E-Brochure
  • Built on a responsive web design


  • SQLite local database using GreenDAO ORM
  • XML content type structure
  • Google Maps integration
  • Image processing
  • Navigation
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Presentation layer: XML

Client’s benefits from working with us:

  • On time deliveries without compromising on quality, thanks to our extensive experience in developing complex mobile and web solutions
  • The successful collaboration turned us into a long-term web development partner for this particular client
  • The platform we created met the client’s expectation in terms of performance
  • Open House project has caught the interest of online communities, gaining considerable attention from several online publication

Type: Android mobile development
Technology: XML, Google Maps SQLite, GreenDAO